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Faulty Debian AMD64 Insight Package Not Updated for ML350

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Faulty Debian AMD64 Insight Package Not Updated for ML350

Debian AMD64 Insight Management packages are supplied on this page:

There is a package called hp-OpenIPMI-7.8.0-108.etch26.amd64.deb. This software is faulty. It won't work for anyone who does not have all fans installed on their ML350 Server.

I did have that OpenIPMI package installed and was beginning to see how everything worked. Then the server started constantly rebooting. The reason why is explained in the advisory I supplied before.

You will note that the faulty software incorrectly reports a fan failure. The advisory gives a link to updated versions of the software that fix this problem.

Here is the working software for Red Hat, for example:

This link supplies an update of the OpenIPMI package to this version: hp-OpenIPMI-8.0.0-113 However, the updates are for SUSE and Red Hat, not Debian.

This version is what is needed on the Debian download page, not the old version that is faulty. This is obviously an over site.

But that caused me to waste a lot of time. Without a working OpenIPMI package, everything else is pretty useless because OpenIPMI is needed for outputting the hardware data.

I'd suggest a warning be posted at the point where people download the Debian software, not in an advisory they will stumble across when troubleshooting why their server is out of control.

Also, can anyone tell me when the Debian package will be updated and the faulty software replaced?