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Firmware for 36.4GB Ultra 320 disks (BF03685A35)

Ron Baker
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Firmware for 36.4GB Ultra 320 disks (BF03685A35)

I have 4 BF03685A35 Hot Pluggable 36.4Gb 15k SCSI disk drives running firmware version HPB3.

When I run the HP Array Diagnostics it tells me that the firmware needs upgraded and I am having some performance issues.

I have found mention of HPB5, HPB8 & HPB9 on various areas of the HP support pages but the redirects to them come back as site not found.

Can anybody point me to the files and give me instructions on upgrading the HDD firmware.
Occasional Contributor

Re: Firmware for 36.4GB Ultra 320 disks (BF03685A35)

You need to download the CD Firmware an 800.iso file and burn it on a CD or on the USB and boot off this device and load your firmware. I have done it and it worked.
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Re: Firmware for 36.4GB Ultra 320 disks (BF03685A35)

I read your post about the ISO cd to upgrade U/U320 hard drives

I have 20+ disks I need to upgrade to the latest firmware versions (from 2006!) even though it is 2017 now !

Could you send me a link to download this. I have been on HPs site and get the runaround

Jimmy Vance

Re: Firmware for 36.4GB Ultra 320 disks (BF03685A35)

Start at teh Hewlett Packard Enterprise Support Center

In the search box enter BF03685A35

Click on 'Get drivers, software & firmware. '

In the list that comes up pick your model hard drive

Then select the OS your working with, and finally expand the firmware tab. 




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