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Firmware update for ProLiant MicroServer Gen10?

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Firmware update for ProLiant MicroServer Gen10?

Hi Community,

I"m new to HP in general and just got a MicroServer Gen10 a few days ago. Can anybody tell me where can I get the latest firmwre for my newly acquired ProLiant MicroServer Gen10?

I have a warranty for the new box but no additional support package.


Erdogan Temur

Re: Firmware update for ProLiant MicroServer Gen10?


You can check from the link below.


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Re: Firmware update for ProLiant MicroServer Gen10?

Just got myself one of these servers, just read about a critical bios-update, but never had any hp-product and it's quite impossible/frustrating when you cant even download the firmware without figuring out how to register the box (still havent figured it out).

Markus Lamminmaki
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Re: Firmware update for ProLiant MicroServer Gen10?

Tried to register my HPE Microserver Gen10 but failed, could not figure it out either. Does anyone have a solution to this? No matter what it says "Entitlement does not exist". Add new device only gives me a list of devices that has autoregistered.


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Re: Firmware update for ProLiant MicroServer Gen10?


Contact HPE support, because the country where HP thinks you bought the server is not correct, You need Serial number partnumber and proof of purchase (just the receipt) 

When HP gets these things they will come back to you with what country you need to use to register the machine. 

Sorry for the trouble,


Been there feel your'e pain. 



Re: Firmware update for ProLiant MicroServer Gen10?

I used to be a fan of HP products so I recommended to my boss that we should buy a bunch of Gen10 microservers with E208i-P controllers, as Edge servers for our SMV customers. I have now wasted over 60 hours troubleshooting various issues, plus going through the nightmare it apparently is to get proper firmwares and BIOS/UEFI updates.

I had no idea HP's support policies had become this draconian. Frankly, it's the worst experience I have had with IT gear in a full decade. The firmware is buggy, and downloads are locked away under various "support options". I don't even want to think about how to get updates to these in a year or two, when they're still used at our customers but don't have an "active support contract" anymore. It's crazy! There is ONE single reason to download a firmware file for a HP storage controller: to fix a problem with a HP product I already purchased. Why the hell do I need to pay for that over and over?

Thanks to everyone here for your suggestions. Downgrading (sheesh!) after swithing to Legacy mode (double-sheesh!) solved some of the problems. After sorting out the various support contract issues (triple-sheesh!!). Except off course now we are not on the most current version, which is what HP recommends. So any future  problem we report to the official Support line will now be dead in the water, because the firrst recommendation is to be on current firmware.

I regret buying these units and my boss and co-workers will be riding my a** for months because it was my suggestion. I will be recommending a "never HPE" policy instead now. Sad - I know - but seriously: I don't see this stupid crap with Lenovo,  SuperMicro or DELL gear.

Dear HP: Treating your customers so badly is your right off course. Our only right in return is to stop buying ANYTHING from you. There! Fixed!!

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Re: Firmware update for ProLiant MicroServer Gen10?

Frankly I think the same, more than 20 years selling and recommending HP and right now I try to run away from them, I don't understand how I can't download any BIOS or driver updates if I don't have the contracted support, even a 20e Asus board can download the drivers 20 years later, why HP follows this policy??? frankly they are crazy, it's the best way to throw away all their confidence....