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Flashing LED on System Board?

Chris Crombie
New Member

Flashing LED on System Board?

My new Proliant ML115 G5 has a flashing green LED on the system board. The led has the words heart_beat_led next to it. Does anyone know what this mean? I also have a ML110 G4 which has the same LED which doesn't flash at all.
Aaron Wolski
Valued Contributor

Re: Flashing LED on System Board?

According to the HP ProLiant ML110 Generation 4 Server Maintenance and Service Guide page 61, there should be LEDs labelled CR1, CR2 & CR7. CR1 indicates 5V auxilary power present, CR2 indicates 3.3V aux and CR7 illuminates red when a system error has occurred. It's not necessary for any of these to be lit.

The flashing green LED on the ML115 system board is probably the Management Controller Heartbeat. Heartbeat is self describing, meaning the component is functioning (has life), but may have faster or irregular beats to indicate a fault.