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Fresh Installation of Proliant 3000 Server

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Fresh Installation of Proliant 3000 Server

Proliant 3000 (E39) BIOS Date 4/19/2000

I need to temporarily make use of an old Proliant 3000 server to just store some user files whilst a newer server is being upgraded.

Smartstart CD fails to load with 'SPAWN ERROR: Argument list too large for' error code 13. F10 to set quick options fails due to lack of memory.

Downloaded & ran System Erase Utility v1.70 then Smartstart CD resulting in Error 24 stating that System Erase needs running!

Tried suggestions of removing all boards and dropping to basic Compaq supplied memory. Also upgraded BIOS to latest on both system and array controller (SMART-2DH v.214).

Downloaded and tried disk array configuration utility to do manual install but it fails with a A20 line error. By tweaking HIMEM settings, can get it to run but after loading required software from disk 2 it just hangs.

Please can someone help this is driving me mad!!!


Steve Baxter