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Gen8 Microserver - HDD drive setup and ESXi?

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Gen8 Microserver - HDD drive setup and ESXi?

I currently have an ubunu server install on my Gen8 Mircroserver (xeon 1265 and 16gb ram) working today for media sharing where I have a single raid 0 setup for an SDD in the optical drive slot, and no other drive configured so they are simply picked up as AHCI devices I assume in ubuntu.  I have 4 6tb drives in the bays.

I am looking to add esxi so I can have my ubuntu server as was, but also have several VMs for testing different things in both linux and windows.s

I have installed esxi 6.0 onto an sd card and this doesnt see the drives that are not in the raid array.  If I turn off raid and just go AHCI the drives are seen but it fails trying to create a datastore and the logs indicate this is a driver issue with the controller not being setup correctly?  

I know I will need to downgrade the driver for the controller card as I have read about the poor performance, but this shouldnt impact the visibility of the drives should it?

Can I do anything to make these drives visible to esxi or do I need to set them all up as raid arrays to be visible and usable?


Jimmy Vance
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Re: Gen8 Microserver - HDD drive setup and ESXi?

From what I recall, if you have the controller in RAID mode, and attach a drive to the ODD port it will be seen by the array controller.  Someone posted in the forum that this configartion was having issue between reboots.

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