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Gen8 Microserver cant partition disk during IP

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Gen8 Microserver cant partition disk during IP

Hi everyone! I currently trying to install Windows Server 2012 R2 on my brand new Microserver, running at stock-specs with a single 1TB WD Red-drive. Im fetching the installation files from a network share during intelligent provisioning and everyting seems to work as it should until the partitioning of the disk drive. At that stage, it hangs for a few seconds (about a minute) and then gives me a pop-up saying "Unable to partition disk - unable to continue" and nothing else, no errors codes, nothing. I have tried to create arrays with my single disk in all thinkable stages and ways, but I cant seem to get it to work. Does anyone have a clue on either how to find suitable logs or (even better) how to solve the issue? I will gladly provide you with any additional information if necessary.