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HBA Controller alarming - How

Erin HP
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HBA Controller alarming - How

We have DL580G2'2 with Emulex HBA controllers.
We have found 2 servers recently that have had failed HBA's but no alarm was sent through NetIQ nor any other means.
Is there a way to alert on this in the event we have another HBA failure?
All of our servers are running W2K SP4.

We tried using an event in the system log but it does not necessarily mean an HBA failure.

Type: Error
Event ID: 1026
The Driver has detected a path failure to Subsystem ID 50001FE15000B6C0. Dump Data 0 contains the Phys Path Info < Port | Bus | Target | Lun >. Dump Data 1 contains the Driver Status. Dump Data 2 contains the HBA Slot Number (ffffffff if unavailable). Dump Data 3 contains extended Driver Status.

There are others like this but none specifically for the HBA.
Stephen Kebbell
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Re: HBA Controller alarming - How


the Management Agents from the server should be able to report a loss of connection for a HBA. If you have SIM, the server will show as "Major" and you can get it to send you an email alert.

Kedd Guyton
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Re: HBA Controller alarming - How

From a management agent perspective I think it would be difficult to determine the difference between a path failure and an HBA failure.

In the situation you've described and assuming that you're positive the link is good, I think you would need to resort to the vendor's (HP or Emulex) diagnostic tools to determine HBA failure. Even this is questionable because the hardware may fail in different ways, and the diagnostics may not 'exercise' that particular function or register.