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HELP: DL145 G2 Redhat ES 4 install

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HELP: DL145 G2 Redhat ES 4 install

Got a couple of DL145 (390845-001) servers w/ SCSI HD. Redhat install would not recognize the SCSI controller or HD. Latest firmware and SCSI driver from HP.

One thing I notice also is that their is not SCSI configuration during boot posting process? Should there be one? And these server does not uses the SmartStart configuration ultility.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Michael
Ubence Quevedo
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Re: HELP: DL145 G2 Redhat ES 4 install

I have the same exact problem. I thought that there was a problem with the whole no floppy drive, but use a floppy to install the driver. A USB floppy drive seemed to work, but during installation in /tmp/updates, are all the files that were copied from the driver floppy disk via the USB floppy drive, but still the installer quits at partition the drive because no drives are available. I've contacted HP support and they reference their install procedures, which aren't very detailed and help very little.

On my server, the SCSI drives did show up. The SCSI BIOS isn't very feature rich though.

I'm going to re-post with as much detail as I can get during the install and see if anyone else can help or if HP support can help.