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HELP - How to stop Capacity Expansion

Occasional Contributor

HELP - How to stop Capacity Expansion

Hi. I just added 2 36gb disks to an existing 4 36 Gb raid 5 and the Capacity Expansion has started in 43% and, in 16 hours, increased only 8%. It wont finish until users arrive.

Is there any way to stop it by removing the new disks?

New Member

Re: HELP - How to stop Capacity Expansion


What I understand from your description about the issue is, that you have added a 2 36 GB drive with an existing 4 36 GB drive on raid 5. You are expanding the existing array and the system is trying to rebuild the array. Now the total number of drives on your server is 6. What is the storage controller that you are using rite now?

I think if you remove the drives when it is building the array I would suggest not to do that. Probably you would have migrated from raid 5 to raid 1+0 since you have six drives now without online spare.

which tool are you using to expand the array. Is it ACU or ORCA?

Occasional Contributor

Re: HELP - How to stop Capacity Expansion

tks for the followup. Actually we added 2 36gb disk. Although the expansion process seems to be still running, users are able to access files without any problem, even with the priority set to high. We used the Insight Manager tool to add the disks to the raid and although I agree that having a spare disk would be great. This server will be decomissioned next month and we dont worry about it that much...