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HELP NT Stripe Drive Replacement

Tony Valance
Occasional Advisor

HELP NT Stripe Drive Replacement

I have a server that has two SCSI drives using NT4 that are a stripe configuration. A hard drive crashed and now Windows will not boot up. I have backed up both drives and I am not sure the status of the files until restored.

I am not sure how to replace a drive with this configuration. The data is not spread out over the two drives based on some of the "backup files" that I restored on another machine. The files were spread sheets, PDF and they were complete.

What considerations do I need to take into account in getting the server operational? Is this a mirror configuration?
Peter Karle
Frequent Advisor

Re: HELP NT Stripe Drive Replacement

Hi Val,
"stripe" usually means Raid-0 (0 for zero redundance) --> if one disk fails, all data are lost!
Sorry for the bad info, but if I was you, I'd use this mess to install a more actual OS, since NT4 is dead!
Kindly, Peter