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HP BL20p G3 Blade server ILO

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HP BL20p G3 Blade server ILO

When I log into my HP Rack Blade servers through the ILO on the first blade the last 3 blades report wrong ip address. I can ping the configured address but cannot access the ilo ports. Is there a way to reset these to default and acquire a dhcp address? This ilo interface seems hosed.
Oleg Koroz
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Re: HP BL20p G3 Blade server ILO

Use front Port, From POST (Use keyboard & Monitor)
F8 for ILO - Reset Defaults
Default DHCP enabled

or from ILO diagnostic PORT
Under Administration - Network Settings

Julian Learmonth
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Re: HP BL20p G3 Blade server ILO

I had a similar problem on one of the BL25p's I just installed on a customer site. I tried resetting the iLO config as shown in the above post, as well as resetting the nvram of the blade all to no avail. In the end it turned out to be a H/W fault with the iLO board (which is built into the mother board) so had to have it swapped out by an HP engineer.

Hopefully your problem will be solved by a reset.


P.S. Are they all using the latest iLO firmware?