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HP Blade BL25p / 45p power problems

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HP Blade BL25p / 45p power problems


I have a blade enclosure with 8 blades (a combination of 7 BL25p and 1 BL45p). Only 3 of the blades will power up. The rest have a right light and will not power up no matter how long you hold down the power button.

Is there a software package that will show me the status of the blades in the enclosure (e.g. - are they getting power etc..) These 8 blades worked until they were moved a few days ago.
Iain McCracken
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Re: HP Blade BL25p / 45p power problems

If you connect to the front ilo port you will be able to browse to it that is if you have the dongle that comes with them
You can also connect to the back of the enclosure with another cable that should be with it and check the power supplies
If you have just moved them the I think it might be that you had the ilo firmware at to low a rev there is a white paper about not removing a blade from the enclosure before upgrading it as this may cause the blade not to power on again and the fix is to replace the system board
You could try one of the none working blades in a working slot but make sure you have upgraded the ilo firmware to the latest before trying this