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HP BladeSystem c7000 Power Consumption

charlie altenbach
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HP BladeSystem c7000 Power Consumption


I am trying to determine if our current power infrastructure is capable of providing the required power for a HP BladeSystem c7000. the goal is to migrate several of our older HP servers that are coming off of lease to the blade using vmware's p2v (physical to virtual) tool.

Our current power infrastructure consists of an APC Symmetra PX UPS. The UPS is a 208V 20kW system. Are current load is at 63%.

Is there an easy way to calculate whether or not we would be able to provide power to the blade and all of our current hardware during the p2v process ?

Any insight would be greatly appreciate. And please let me know if you need any additional information. Thanks !
John Amper

Re: HP BladeSystem c7000 Power Consumption