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HP DL380 Error 1776 External SCSI DAT40 problem

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HP DL380 Error 1776 External SCSI DAT40 problem

Hello folks:
When i attach my External DAT 40 in a HP DL380 whit Smart Array 6i, this crash whit this error message:

Slot 0 HP Smart Array 6i Controller
1776-slot-0-scsi Bus termination error
Internal and external drives cannot both be attached to the same SCSI port.
controller is disabled until this problem is resolved

I have try ,change the scsi id from my external drive tape whitnot result...

thanks in advance..
Stephen Kebbell
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Re: HP DL380 Error 1776 External SCSI DAT40 problem


the Smart Array 6i has 2 ports. Port 2 is internal only, and Port 1 has an internal and an external connector. It's not possible to have internal and external devices on the same port. My guess is that you have your disk cage cabled for Duplex. That means port 1 is used internally, and external devices cannot be attached (as the error message says)
Have a look at the Setup and Installation Guide for info on how to cable the server internally for simplex. Then you can use your external port.

Thorsten Jalas
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Re: HP DL380 Error 1776 External SCSI DAT40 problem

Do not use the DAT device on the RAID controller !
It will crash the system OR it will slow down drive performance.

I guess in the DL380 you have two additional embedded (basic) SCSI controllers.
And you have - as described in the answer postetd before - two scsi channels.

Connect on of the scsi channels (cables) to the "basic" scsi controller and attach the DAT to that one !

Or - if there are no other internal scsi controllers - add an PCI scsi controller just for the DAT device.

best regards
Th. Jalas
Thorsten Jalas - have fun !