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HP DL385 G2 p400 in Microsoft ADS

Raymond Bannan
New Member

HP DL385 G2 p400 in Microsoft ADS

I have an image loaded with the proper drivers for this array controller in MS Automated Deployment services. I've taken the drivers for the p400 array controller from the 7.6 firmware maintenance CD and loaded them into C:\Program Files\Microsoft ADS\nbs\repository\User\PreSystem and \postsystem so that the Deployment agent can recognize this HD successfully, and it does as I can download the entire image to the HD of the 385 G2. The problem is, after the image downloads and does its final sysprep and etc. configurations, the image is not booting. When it reboots, gets a command to boot to the HD, it gets an "invalid system disk error." Please help, thanks in advance.
Steve Matrix
New Member

Re: HP DL385 G2 p400 in Microsoft ADS

Do you only have the one drive on your system?
Are you sure you have installed windows and the boot.ini ntldr.sys on the boot device.

Sometimes it's easy to install windows to the second drive but the boot files go ontyo the first drive (or should)

are you sure the correct drive is set for booting in the bios.

(silly thing but worth a mention) there is no floppy disk in the drive is there? if so remove it and reboot.

hope these help.