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HP Event Log : [MSG_D20722]

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HP Event Log : [MSG_D20722]

I have an HP Server TC 4100 with and I keep getting the following Event in the Application Log:
Source: HPEventLog
Category: None
Type: Error
Event ID: 164
User: N/A

HP Event Log : [MSG_D20722] Volume capacity 96 percent exceeded major threshold 95 percent on E:\.
I have the correct drivers installed for the SCSI device. I don't seem to pickup as to what is causing this error message as there is enough physical space on the server.
Please help.
kris rombauts
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Re: HP Event Log : [MSG_D20722]

Hi Andile,

this message is logged by the HP Netserver TopTools agents, their is one particular agent that goes out and checks the free space on all local drive letters seen by the host. It does this periodically and at reboot (or when the agents are stopped/started).

The above message means that the disk with drive letter E: is filled up more then the major threshold (which is fixed and set to 95%) and so it just logs this warning to alert you, if you have a management station , it will also receive a SNMP trap for this.

Could you check what the free space is on the E: disk or post the file on the forum called :


It can be that some application or process opens a temporary file that gets deleted later on again and when the volume capacity agent just happens to take a sample when that temporary file is their, it might be that the threshold is crossed at that time but then later on when the temp file is deleted , it is again below the threshold and this can be confusing obviously if you check the free space then.

- Could you also post the result of a chkdsk command on E:\ here, so we have an idea of the current occupancy level and the total capacity of this disk ?

- I would expect to see other warnings logged when the 75% and 85 % levels are crossed on this disk, so if you don't see those then it might well be a temporary situation where the E:\ disk gets almost filled up for a short period of time.

- Do you see any of these messages in the System Eventlog from Windows ?

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: Srv
Event Category: None
Event ID: 2013
Date: 5/9/2005
Time: 11:10:04 AM
User: N/A
Computer: WTSRVx
The E: disk is at or near capacity. You may need to delete some files.

Since those messages are logged by the Windows Operating System and warn you also for the same issue.

- If the free space is really below 95% then, other then the above idea's, do you know if their have been changes to the E:\ disk like extending it's size or maybe the table used and updated by the volume capacity agent is corrupt and we need to delete it and it will be then be recreated automatically.
In order to do this do the following from the commandline:

- net stop snmp
- rename the file called hpvolcap.dat
- net start snmp

- You could also check if you are using the latest version of the agents, they can be downloaded here:

Let me know how it goes



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Re: HP Event Log : [MSG_D20722]

Voila! It has been sorted. The problem was with the server agent which and server Toptools which were outdated. I downloaded them from the site you referred me to to the latest version and the error messages in the event viewer were sorted. Thanks Kris.