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HP G7 N54L blank screen

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HP G7 N54L blank screen


I upgraded 4 GB ram of my G7 N54L to 8GB.  and I saw it posting BIOS at 8GB.  and I saw at sata probe sata 1 was hang

I rebooted and removed the 2nd HDD.  and rebooted.  It worked OK.  then I reconnected 2nd HDD.

Again hang. then I rebooted and the power is on but screen is blank.  I checked VGA with different PC and monitor is wokring

connected monitor to N54Lmicro server it goes blank screen.  I removed the upgrade 4GB ram and turned on the machine. 

it still goes blank screen

I tried reset CMOS.  and removed the CMOS battery and re put it in there.  still no luck

now the micro server is not working, blank screen.

does anyone know solution to this?