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Re: HP Intelligent Provisioning on MicroServer Gen8

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HP Intelligent Provisioning on MicroServer Gen8



I have a problem with my ProLiant MicroServer Gen8. It has HP Intelligent Provisioning v1.5 installed. This version is not capable of Windows Server 2012 R2, that's why I wanted to upgrade to v1.60. So I burned the recovery image to a CD and booted the server from it. It starts correctly, but when it comes to flashing, the status is instantly at 100%, but the version has not changed.

I now installed the server with boot drivers only and via disc, so the system is up and running, but I still want to upgrade the Intelligent Provisioning software.

Any ideas?




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Re: HP Intelligent Provisioning on MicroServer Gen8

Not sure whats going wrong, but the current version is 1.61 for Gen8 servers, IIRC.



Better check md5 of the download.


I wonder how you burned the 1GB image to a CD, better use the USB Key Tool to copy to an USB stick.

Hope this helps!

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Re: HP Intelligent Provisioning on MicroServer Gen8

I wasn't quite precise, it was a DVD of course ;).


But as you suggested, I tried it via USB and it worked - thanks!