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HP ML 110 G2 vs Novell 6.5

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HP ML 110 G2 vs Novell 6.5

I've tried installing Novell 5.1 to an ML 110 G2. But many of the drivers doesn't support it and can't load. I've replace the O/S with v.6.5. But the result even worse. It loops in rebooting process when the installation of N6.5 just begin. Error in debugging... . The screen flickers do fast that i can't pause/break to see the error.
Can anyone explain what cause this and what's the solution?
I've renew the flash ROM with the latest ver. but still no effects. I'm fresh out of ideas.Thanks
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Re: HP ML 110 G2 vs Novell 6.5

Netware 6.5 is supported:

Since I've never installed Netware on a ML110G2 I don't know why this happens. Maybe you'll find some info here: