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HP ML 350 Server & Microsoft SQL Server

Nairobi Mtandao
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HP ML 350 Server & Microsoft SQL Server

I have a new HP ML 350 Servers running SQL 2000 and it takes a lot of time to execute scripts. It has one 3.2 Xeon Processor, and 4GB of RAM, three 300 GB HDDs configured as RAID 0, and one 72GB hard disk with the OS installed and another 72GB containing the paging file. For example, A script running on an ordinary 3.0GHz P4 PC with 1GB RAM takes 55 minutes to complete executing, the same script takes 1h 22 minutes to reach 25% on this server. What can I do to optimize my ML 350 server?

Re: HP ML 350 Server & Microsoft SQL Server

Is hyperthreading turned on ?

If it is, try turning it off and re-test.

There were many reports of HT _reducing_ MS SQL 2000 performance on certain tasks.

Performance monitor can help you track where your problems lie.