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HP ML 570 P600 RAID expand


HP ML 570 P600 RAID expand

Hi all,
I have a HP ML 570 server with this RAID configuration

Array 0 - Logical drive 0
11 x 140 GB - RAID 5 (slot 1-11)

Now I want to add 2 new 140 GB HD; I've inserted on slot 12 and 13 but when I try to use the Smart CD ACU Wizard to add the new disks to expand the existing Array 0 disk is added only as Hot Spare

It is not increasing the size it is taking it as spare HD.

Could please help let me know
1) How can I change the new "Hot Spare" HD to go back to a READY status ?
2) How can expand my Logical Drive 0 capacity to add the new disks and have a 13 HD RAID configuration ?