HP ML350 G5

Luke Duraj
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HP ML350 G5

Good day.

I am having a very wierd problem with the above mentioned server and everything is poiting to a hardware related issue. We purchased the server about 11 months ago and we have been having constant problems with the server. Here are some of the issues.

1. VSS service will bomb out on the box for no apparent reson. Backups are failing. They will run for around 6 days and on the 7th day will fail. Strange thing is that the very next day it will run without a problem again.
2. Installation of software on the server will hang the server up and cause the server to reboot.
3. We tried configuring FSRM on the server with no success. The event logs are full of errors. Resulting in the server rebooting.
4. HP Insight Diagnostics is not showing me anything that has failed.
5. Installation of the .NET framwork will cause the server to reboot and give blue screens.
6. Installation of Syamantec software on the server results in errors. Removing of the software causes the server to hang up and reboot.

I reloaded the server from scratch after which the errors started popping up again.

We are running a couple of HP servers on site and none of them are giving any problems with more or less the same software configuration.

Any ideas on how to resolve the above issues?

Any help will be much appreciated.
Prem Selvam Arumugam
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Re: HP ML350 G5


I would point out the issue to IRPStack size. Please list out the applications installed, error code's in System & Application Log and a screen shot of task manager with process running and performance.

Ensure that you drill down and list out any agent's installed
Luke Duraj
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Re: HP ML350 G5

Hi Prem

Currently the only thing installed on the server is Symantec Client Security and the Backup Exec remote agent.

Please see attached screenshot.

I also can't seem to get into Task Manager as it seems to be hanging (part of the problem).

I will need to restart the server this afternoon to get the screenshot of the Task Manager for you.

I see U mentioned IRPStacksize in your reply. If I increase the IRPStacksize might this resolve the issue?

Tim Suik
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