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HP Micro Server Gen8 Red Flashing in front

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HP Micro Server Gen8 Red Flashing in front


I need your help for a diagnostic please, at the bootup of my server, the fan speed doesn't go down and the red light flash from the front pannel.
When the server is starting, I have an error from the iLO :
ilo4 not responding system health monitoring has been disabled

I have plug a network cable but iLO don"t get dhcp adress from my router.

I'm tried to change on the motherboard the switch number 1 in position ON, restarted my server and I get the secvurity alert from iLO and then I stop the server to put back the switch on OFF.

But I have the same problem again.....

Any idea ?


Re: HP Micro Server Gen8 Red Flashing in front


For this issue some further investigation is required my suggestion would be to log hardware case with HPE for further troubleshooting
may onsite engineer visit is required to troubleshooting this issue, because we don't have any logs for further analysis
need to check ILO is responding or not
if yes we can try to reset the ILO from ILO web page & try to update the ILO firmware version with latest if its running with old firmware version
If not then may be hardware replacement is require.

Thanks & Regards,

Vinod Singh Rawat 


I work for HPE

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