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HP MicroServer Gen8 power unit / cord question

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HP MicroServer Gen8 power unit / cord question

Hello everyone,
I hope you're all great.
Please allow me to share with you my issue :
When i was in France, i bought a HP MicroServer Gen8, and i was happy with it.
I moved to Canada with it in 2020, and since then i'm not able to use it, because my questions regarding the "power issue" haven't been answered yet.
Here are my questions :

  • Can i just plug a new canadian power cable into it ?(it would seems to me so, as in the User Guide page 82 it would let me think so...)
    • So, If yes, where can i buy this new power cord ?
    • If not, what should i do ? Should i change the power unit ? If yes, which and where can i buy the new power unit (and a power cord) ?

I tried to looked for answers everywhere, but in this document, this link is a dead end.

Please, i would really appreciate your help on this.

Best regards,

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Query: HP MicroServer Gen8 power unit / cord question

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Re: Query: HP MicroServer Gen8 power unit / cord question

Thank you for your answer and the links.
However, i'm not sure it does answer totally my questions :
As mentioned earlier, i saw in the user guide (p82) that the MicroServer Gen 8 rated input voltage goes from 100 V AC to 240 V AC, so that would mean i do not need to replace the capacitor pack.
Can someone confirm this ?
And if so, where can i buy the power cord for Canada electric plugs ?
Thanking you for your help.


Re: HP MicroServer Gen8 power unit / cord question

Hello Everyone,

A quick update on this topic.
1) thanks to @Tam92 , i know now that the part i'm looking for is the HPE 701806-001 CORD, PWR,AC LINE,C13-NEMA,1.83m.
2)  thanks to the HPE support, i know that i need just the power cord to plug into the server, and check from there that everything is fine :
"Issue reported: Power supply query
Solution Recommended:
We suggested to contact sales team or partner for power cord.
We recommended to install cord and test server if everything is ok with power supply and if not we can check more further.
(Case ID : 5363322700).

Now, i just need to contact HPE Sales Team to get the power cord.

Thank you.