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HP Microserver G8 loosing RAID0 array after shutdown

Occasional Contributor

HP Microserver G8 loosing RAID0 array after shutdown



I purchases two G8's recently to run Ceph Storage. My config is:


1x SSD for OS (I added this drive instead of DVD)

4x HDDs for data (not in RAID)


The problem is that I am not able to boot from the additional SSD unless I create RAID0 on this drive. But when I do, the array is lost after shutting the system down. This has happened twice already.


To recover, I just create a RAID0 array again on the SSD and the system boots. But this is getting quite anonying.


Any thoughs?


BTW, the best would be if I am able to boot from the SSD without creating RAID, but not sure if this is possible.


Thanks Jiri



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Re: HP Microserver G8 loosing RAID0 array after shutdown


Is possible when you attach the ssd in mother board without the smart array. Check microserver gen8 service maintenance guide if you have port available or check the optical drive compatibility. You could disable smart array controller on RBSU too.