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HP Microserver GEN8 WD - RED 3 TB

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HP Microserver GEN8 WD - RED 3 TB

I have a HP MicroServer Gen 8 configured with 4x3 WD Red hard drives as Raid. 1 Once I want to copy to the hard drive data, the raid fails, as the HDDs would fail. That once done faster, even after a long time.
If the hard drives in the WD Red?
The firmware from the server I have updated with the current SPP CD.

OS is VMWare ESXI 5.1
Had problems but even with Ubuntu Server 14.04.

HDDs have all been replaced by new ones. The error was not clear.

Maybe someone can help me.

Thank you very much,

pS Sorry for my bad englisch 

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Re: HP Microserver GEN8 WD - RED 3 TB

Check the HDD compatibility list maybe your WD hard drives not fully compatibile with your RAID controller. (Smart Array B120i)

the PDF is here:

or sistem board firmware update.

Version: 2015.07.16 (A)(11 Nov 2015)

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Re: HP Microserver GEN8 WD - RED 3 TB

I operated the MicroServer Gen8 both with 4x3TB and 4x4TB WD REDDrives and use currently the 6TB ones.

It worked with the builtin Raid Controller as well with an additional one.