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HP Microserver Gen8, HDD compatibility

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HP Microserver Gen8, HDD compatibility

I'm interested in buying this microserver:

But before I buy it, I would like to know if anyone used those HDDs:

I know those are not officially supported by HP, since they only test it with HP hard drives. But this wouldn't be used in company. It would be used at home for NAS (to store movies, series, backups, FileHistory, ShadowPlay recordings etc.).

So if anyone have any experience with this Microserver Gen8 and Seagate drives, please let me know :) 

Jimmy Vance
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Re: HP Microserver Gen8, HDD compatibility

You might look at the forums on the site. There is an active group there that uses the MicroServer and there are postings with compatibility listings and modifications

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Re: HP Microserver Gen8, HDD compatibility

Thank you for your fast reply.

From what I see, a lot of users are reporting only positive feedback with hard drives, so it should probbably work. Also, it's SATA HDD on SATA controller ... would be a bit weird to see it not working.

But I also have another problem that  forgot to mention in my first post. Lets say that I use internal motherboard SATA port for 120GB SSD for OS. That shouldn't be any problem since a lot of users have done that.

But then I would use 4x4 TB of hard drives. For starters I would only buy 1x 4TB Drive, and if it would work I would order another one to have 8TB total. Then I would be using that normally, but once I would use 7TB, I would buy 3rd drive. I know it's not hot swapable, but can I even just upgrade my storage from 8 TB to 12 or 16TB without loosing all my data?

If I have 2 drives, and want to add another 2, do I need to format and erase my previous 2 drives, so I need to set RAID for all 4 drives from scratch?

I want to have 120GB SSD dedicated for OS.

Buy 1 drive and use it.

When it gets full, I buy another one.

And another one half year later.

And 4th drive 1 year later.

Can I do that, without having to format all my drives and reconfigure RAID every time?