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HP Microserver N54 Driver Question

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HP Microserver N54 Driver Question

Hey guys,


I have decided to install Windows 8 on my HP Microserver N54. 


The problem is all the drivers on HP website are designed for Windows Home Server.


Is there a work around this as Im only getting 10gb/sec network transfers atm :( :( :(




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Re: HP Microserver N54 Driver Question

According to page 90 of this document, all the current Proliant MicroServer models have a Broadcom BCM5723 gigabit Ethernet controller. Through I can find drivers only for Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2008 Small Business, 2012 and 2012 Essentials, and for RedHat Linux 5 Server.


The Broadcom BCM5723 is a common server NIC chip, so the driver for it may be built-in to new operating systems.

But if you need one, you could try these drivers direct from Broadcom:


For a regular 1 Gbit/s NIC it is impossible to get 10gb/s speeds, so I assume you've made a mistake somewhere.

If you have added an extra high-performance NIC to your Microserver, identifying the make and model of the NIC would be rather important in finding a driver for it...