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HP Microserver N54L RAID0

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HP Microserver N54L RAID0

I am trying to install server 2012 on 2 new HP MicroServer N54L


The onboard RAID will not work for me.  I have followed all the steps, I can get my RAID0 set up, but when I install server 2012, it will not recognize any of the drivers from the AMD web site.  If I try to manage any of the disks during the windows setup, the system crashes and reboots.  This ONLY happens if I have RAID enabled in the BIOS.  I have successfully installed the OS without using RAID.


I am installing the OS to a single 120 GB SSD card.


I have 2 1TB WD RED drives that I want in a RAID0 for data and Hyper V VMs.


Does anyone have a link to a driver for the AMD SB8xx RAID Drivers for server 2012?








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Re: HP Microserver N54L RAID0

Finally got myself sorted out.  Needed to set my OS drive to "RAID Ready" this was not in the documentation...

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Re: HP Microserver N54L RAID0



I have a problems setting up a system with RAID1. Can you tell me where you set the "RAID ready"?




Brian Milnes
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Re: HP Microserver N54L RAID0

I've just come across this and see it's two years old.

But, for the record, to get the correct drivers you have to

a) Uncheck the Show Compatible Drivers box, then choose AMD SATA Driver, or

b) Look for A-Series APU RAID Drivers on the AMD Site and install from there (N54L is Embedded RAID GPU Chip)