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HP Microserver and RAID card


HP Microserver and RAID card

I'm thinking of buying a Microserver and 4 x 3TB disks which i want to run in a RAID 5.


Anyone have any recommendations on which RAID card i can use in this server?



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Jimmy Vance

Re: HP Microserver and RAID card

Falls under the catagory "Unsupported, known to work".  I have a MicroServer sitting on my desk using a Smart Array P410/1G FBWC 572532-B21. The controller is connected to (2) 1TB disks and (2) 2TB disks. I think the P410 retails for more than the MicroServer..... 



Supported, known to work                   -> warm fuzzies all around

Supported, not known to not work      -> an HPite may be in trouble

Supported, known to not work             -> an HPite is in trouble

Unsupported, known to work               -> lucky today, unlucky tomorrow?

Unsupported, not known to not work  -> there but for the grace of Turing

Unsupported, known to not work        -> no, it was not deliberate ;-)




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Frequent Advisor

Re: HP Microserver and RAID card

I'm in a similar situtation.  I have an N54L Microserver on the way.  I'm planning to install esxi on a usb stick.  I then want to install 4 hard drives to have two raid 1 arrays.


I'm looking for a lower cost raid card that can do the two raid 1 arrays for esxi?    Seems difficult to find a good raid card that is known to work.  I'm trying to avoid the steep price tag.  Thanks

Occasional Contributor

Re: HP Microserver and RAID card

I am running a HP P410 in a Microserver, RAID 5 with four 2TB drives works great. Bought the card used for under $150 with 512m cache.