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HP Microserver gen8 Dynamic Smart Array B120i

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HP Microserver gen8 Dynamic Smart Array B120i

I have a Microserver Gen 8 that I've been running Windows Server 2016 on since the drivers for the Dynamic Smart Array B120i was released. It hve worked very well. But a while ago I shut it down to go on vacation with the family and nobody would be home, so far so good.

When I got home I started it again after it had been shut down for about 4 weeks and now it won't boot, Windows Server no longer seem to recognize the controller. If I check in the ACU everything looks fine, the volumes are there. I also tried to boot in to the installation media to reinstall/Repair Windows but I cannot load the B120i driver, it sees the driver, but refuses to load it, it just hangs.

I've thought about using Intelligent Provisioning, but when I get to the fourth step I get a warning that sais all data on all volumes will be reset. I do not want to loose my data on the data volume, I do not mind having to rebuild the OS volume and loose what ever is located on that, but I do not want to loose the stuff on the the other volume.

Is there a way? Is really the data lost on the other volumes? Or is it a hoax? Or is there a way to get Windows to load the driver. I use driver version Aug 2017).

I hope someone can help me.



Re: HP Microserver gen8 Dynamic Smart Array B120i

Hi Mikey,

Thank you for posting on the Server community. Sorry you are experiencing this issue. I have asked our Smart Array product manager to look into this and I will report back.

Meanwhile, here is the where you can find all the configuration and troubleshooting content for the Microserver. Microserver Gen8




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