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HP Microserver gen8 can not update broadcom FW

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HP Microserver gen8 can not update broadcom FW

I have two Microserver gen8 that i have been using with esxi for a couple of years. Yesterday i decided to reinstall one of them and try out proxmox.

After several hours updating everything from 2014 firmwares, i got almost everything updated to current firmwares, except the broadcom network card.

When i update it in intelligent provisioning it gives a greenlight and state that upgrade was successful but upon reboot the firmware is back to the old one.

The network runs extremely slow from within proxmox. I dont know if this is related to the rw or something else but i still would like everything updated to current firmwares nevertheless.




Re: HP Microserver gen8 can not update broadcom FW

Hi Patrik,

It is recommended to update the server with latest SPP for Gen8 server i.e. SPP 8.1.

A log or screenshot from the IP showing firmware got upgraded and after reboot it showing old firmware may be helpful if there are any issues with it.

Also one can upgrade this NIC firmware online from VMware OS.



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