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HP NetServer LH II upgrade possibilities?

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HP NetServer LH II upgrade possibilities?


I have acquired an HP NetServer LH II desk-side server as a hobby machine. I use it for training purposes; installing various network operating systems to familiarize myself with them (this box has had various flavours of Linux/UNIX and Windows on it).

The server is currently equipped with two Pentium II processors each running at 300 MHz, and has 128 MB of RAM.

While I have just purchased some memory for the machine 2nd hand, I am looking to see what processor upgrades may be available or compatible with this model of NetServer.

I found an old article via a Google search which referred to a "Deschutes" processor upgrade kit that HP were making available. "Deschutes" was the Intel internal codename for one of the latter Pentium 2 die, possibly allowing the NetServer LH II to be fitted with 450 MHz Pentium II or Xeon processors. Unfortunately I cannot find any reference to this on HP's site, and there are none on eBay (etc).

The other possibility I have considered is that the original "Katmai" Pentium 3 processors (in slot 1 form factor) are basically Pentium 2 chips but with an enhanced instruction set (incorporating MMX2 and SECC2) - these were designed so that they could be plugged into older Pentium 2 motherboards.

Are either of these viable upgrade options for my LH II?

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Re: HP NetServer LH II upgrade possibilities?

To add to this request of mine, I've been trying for the last couple of days to contact HP UK, without any success - the "Contact Us" section of the HP UK website appears to be a bit of a disaster area...

Can someone give me an e-mail address for someone who works at HP who would be able to help me with this?

I did find a part number for a product described as a "PII 450MHZ Deschutes CPU Upgrade" - the part code was D7032A, but I can't find any reference to this from HP's websites, and can't find compatibility information.

Additionally, I'm looking for the HP Navigator CD-ROMs for my NetServer LH II - if anyone has a copy of these, knows where I can get the originals from, or has a link to a .iso image of these discs, it would benefit me greatly.
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Re: HP NetServer LH II upgrade possibilities?

Hi Graeme,

I have posted a response to these questions in the other forum posting you created, found here:

Good Luck,

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Re: HP NetServer LH II upgrade possibilities?

I can ISO them in you want. Also LH2 and LH3 shoudl take up to a P2 450. I have two of these if you'd like to make an offer on them.

I also have tons of 128MB HP branded DIMMS for these.

The Katmais won't run in the L2 and least they didn't in mine. They WILL however run in the LC3 (but that only has a 3 drive cage, and of a different tray than the LH2.
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