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HP NetServer LH Pro Error 1919

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HP NetServer LH Pro Error 1919

I have an old HP NetServer LH Pro that gives an error code 1919 on bootup. Where are the errors codes listed in hp web pages or what does it mean? I suspect that either the array contlolled has failed or both mirrored hard drived have failed

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Re: HP NetServer LH Pro Error 1919

Here is what an old infoassist CD has to say about the error

1919 EISA Configuration NVRam Bad. Actions you can take:
A. Make sure that everything you have installed in your computer shows up correctly in the configuration information. If it does not, you should add it to the configuration now. To check the configuration, press to continue booting your computer.
B. If the previous step does not resolve the problem, have your authorized service representative examine your system and replace any defective component.

If I recall correctly, my exposure to NVRAM errors has been due to a RAID breaking. Maybe one of your drives has failed. Any red lights?