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HP NetServer LH3 Backup Issue

Bill K.
New Member

HP NetServer LH3 Backup Issue

I have an older HP NetServer LH3 (D5000). It is running Windows 2000 Advanced Server and has 2 CPU's, 8 Hard Disks in RAID V using NetRaid and two power supplies.

Service Pack 4 has been applied and the server is updated from our WSUS Server. Anti-Virus is up to date and this Server is seperate from the outside world/Internet.

The built in tape drive is a SureStore Dat 24 and takes DDS3 tapes. When I run the nt backup program it states there is no unused media in the drive or insert new media. I have used new and known good tapes in the backup drive. The tape drive worked fine when it was Windows NT 4.0 Server.

Device Manager has no dings in it. Anyone have any ideas to help me out?

See the attached Zipped file of a print screen with error message (if it uploads properly).