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HP NetServer LP 1000r Error

Goncarencu Victor
New Member

HP NetServer LP 1000r Error

When powering up the server, sometimes there's no video signal and the server beeps 4 time's like this:
When looking at bios error codes for lp 1000r server series, there's no such beep error code.
I have to restart around 4-5 times the server , before server will complete a good bios post test.

What could it be?
David Kramkowski
New Member

Re: HP NetServer LP 1000r Error

I just purchased a used Netserver LP 1000r and had the same issue. Turns out it MUST have Registered PC133 memory. I had two 256MB Unbuffered sticks in it and it was doing the same thing. Took them out and put in a 512MB registered module and all is well.