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HP NetServer LPr

Ashraf Abou Hussein
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HP NetServer LPr

I am running a HP NetServer LPr and I am getting an error message when attempting to boot the pc:

NetServer Management Controller Selftest Failure
DIMM Management Failure

and it ask me to F1 to contenu or F2 to enter Setup

can you help me please
Sean T. Craig
Honored Contributor

Re: HP NetServer LPr

Hi Ashraf,

The 0080/0090 error is a common issue with a known fix, although it will take a little time to complete the whole procedure. You will need a bootable DOS diskette and a diskette with the latest BIOS Update which you can download from this link:

When you have these disks, follow the following procedures:
1. Power down the server and disconnect any power.
2. Hold in power switch for 10 seconds to drain any "flea power"
3. Reconnect the power and boot to your DOS diskette.
4. From the A: prompt, switch to the BIOS update diskette.
5. Execute the following command from the A: prompt: flashmmc lprra_us.bin
6. When the A: prompt returns, execute the following command: sdredit -w -f list_lpr.sdr
7. When completed, restart the server with the BIOS diskette in the drive and complete a full BIOS flash by pressing "1" at the prompt
8. When the update is complete and the server reboots, press to enter the CMOS and switch to the "EXIT" menu.
9. Choose the option to "Clear System Configuration and Exit Setup" and confirm
10. When the server restarts, press to enter setup and use the key to load setup defaults and to save and exit.

Give that a try and let us know how it works. If it fails to resolve the issue, then the I/O Riser board needs to be replaced.

Hope this helps,

Sean T. Craig Sr. C.E.T., M.C.P.

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Jason Hixenbaugh
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Re: HP NetServer LPr

I followed the instructions and they were spot on to resolve my similar error