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HP Netserver 5/66 LF ... help !!!!

erick Jarin
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HP Netserver 5/66 LF ... help !!!!

Hi There,

i have an HP Netserver 5/66 LF running novell server 3.xx that runs as a file server for a homegrown old system for our company.

This morning the power supplies fails, luckily i have a spare part for the power supply and was able to install and replace the defective one.

Now when i boot the server i encounter a lot of error

EISA Configuration NVRam Bad - run configuration utility

Real time Clock error

3f8 COM address conflict

error codes 1919 0101 1313 1515 0505

then it says cannot find operating system.

I suspect the configuration was erased and i have no idea on how to run the EISA utility to keep my system back.

i really appreacite if anybody can help me to resolved the probelm.

Thanks a lot
Sean T. Craig
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Re: HP Netserver 5/66 LF ... help !!!!

Hi Erick,

Normally the ECU (EISA Configuration Utility) diskette is found inside the server in an ESD sleeve. If it isn't there, you can download it from here:

Boot the server to the diskette and save the settings and exit. This should resolve your issue unless your cmos battery is dead. If that's the case, the part number is 1420-0513.

Let us know if that works for you,

Sean T. Craig Sr. C.E.T., M.C.P.

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