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HP Netserver LD Pro memory question

Jac Cox
New Member

HP Netserver LD Pro memory question


Since some months I own a HP Netserver LD Pro 6/200 (Dual P-Pro 200 Mhz) that currently contains a total memory size of 160 Mb.
I utilize this second-hand machine for home use, mainly for the purpose of self-education in Linux server applications.

I know that the standard-issue memory modules for this machine are normally 60ns 168 pin SDRAM memory (original part numbers D4294A through D4297A) with ECC.

I was wondering if non-ECC SDRAM modules would work (because I have them lying around).

If not, I was considering buying (second-hand) modules to upgrade, in which case an upgrade of 128 Mb would be a real boost.
For this last I found a module with p/n D6098A, 128 Mb.
Would this work, because my machine is not specified in the list of compatible machines.

Thanks in advance.


J. Cox