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HP Netserver LH 3000 locked up

Richard Smith_23
New Member

HP Netserver LH 3000 locked up

Main network admin gone. The HP netserver LH 3000 running win2k server, domain controller is locked up and frozen. Will not respond. I need to restart from menus or cold boot, and do not know how. Please if you can give me directions on how to restart the system from the HP LH 3000 front panel.
Tarek Kawach
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Netserver LH 3000 locked up

Hi Richard:

Hold and release the power button;
or just unplug the AC power cables from the back.

if hold and release dosenot work ; then hold and wait for over 5 seconds.

; might need to remove the power cables from back and plug back in.

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