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Re: HP Netserver LH 3000r Win2k Installation Problems

Daryl S
New Member

HP Netserver LH 3000r Win2k Installation Problems

I'm introducing this new/used rack into our network, first HP I've had, others are Dell.

This rack came with no software or manuals, so I've been digging through the HP site for guidance with no avail.

Scenario 1, open the NetRAID, place the array online and initialize. Restart the server, boot off the floppys for Win2K, after the last floppy, choose setup new installation, says no harddrives are detected. the act lights on all the drives flash rapidly.

Scenario 2, clear the NetRAID config, format all the drives. Bring only one drive online. same thing.

This leads me to beleive the drivers for the SCSI Card are not being installed, hence not included in Win2k server drivers on floppy. Alternatively, there was mention in the HP QA about switching in the BIOS from 1.4 to 1.1 (you know where I'm talking about).

Final note is in HP's Win2K install notes, it states to use the Navigate CD to ease in installation, is there a place to obtain this software?

This rack has 2 3000r servers, I've also got Win2k3 Server as most the office is running XP Pro, and a RedHat linux version 9. Any info on how these two server ops install would be great as well. I don't have time to spend on server op install, and need it to be pretty unattended until the install was complete, with little troubleshooting.

Thanks for any information, it would be greatly appreciated. The Navigate CD sounds like an easy deploy method, would love to have a link to a place to down load that from. Thanks.
kris rombauts
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Re: HP Netserver LH 3000r Win2k Installation Problems

Hi Daryl,

the W2K cd media is missing the necessary drivers for the Netraid controller, this can be fixed by downloading the drivers and put them on a floppy and load them when the Windows setup asks you for.

Just boot from the w2k cdrom and press the F6 function key at the very beginning, this will then later halt the installation and it will ask you to load additional drivers.
Then you can load the floppy.

Download the LH3000 w2k drivers from this site :

The only pre-requiste is that the Netraid controller has a logical drive configured to install the Windows OS on prior to booting from the w2k cdrom.