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HP Netserver lc2000r Blank Screen


HP Netserver lc2000r Blank Screen

Hello. I got out my old HP Netserver LC2000 and plugged in the cables etc. When I turned it on the screen kept blank. It tried the "Emergency Recovery" Switch inside the machine. It had no effect on how the machine ran. Would anyone help me please. I am using a Dell 2408WFP Screen. Which always works with other machines.
Help gladly accepted. :-)
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Netserver lc2000r Blank Screen

looks like normal hardware problem for an old system.

first, open the system and see if memory and cpu are present.
maybe at some time you used it fore something else?
second, test precense of +12v +5v (-12V).

third, the lc2000 series has an integrated management system (separate processor)
I think you need to connect the serial line to a pc with terminal emulation to access this management interface.
maybe from here you can get some diagnostics info.