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HP P400 RAID controller and Battery-Backup unit

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HP P400 RAID controller and Battery-Backup unit

My first HP RAID controller (it came in my DL380G5). I'm used to other RAID controllers where it was safer if I had a battery backup unit (BBU) for the controller.

I can't seem to find such an item for the P400, though various pages on the Internet suggest that it supports one.

By default on the DL380, the cache on all the drives was disabled, likely due to the lack of a battery. Performance was dismal with the cache disabled and so I enabled it. Performance increased dramatically.

I have 6 drives configured to be 3 x RAID1 arrays. And as mentioned above, I've enabled the cache. If I have an external UPS properly configured for a graceful shutdown upon power loss on the mains, am I safe or should I get the BBU?

If I get the BBU, can someone give me a part number to search on?

Performance as measured by Bart's Stuff Test 5 (BST5). Throughput on the drives with the cache off was like 18-25MB/sec. When cache was turned on, performance rose to 70-80MB/sec (I'm running HP 72GB SAS 10K spin drives).