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HP Power Manager and 2008 Server

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HP Power Manager and 2008 Server


I have a customer with 4 Proliant server and 1 HP R1500XR UPS. Three of of the servers are 2003 Server and one is 2008 Server. We have HP Power Manager 4.2.6 installed at one of the 2003 servers and remote agents at the other ones. Everything works like it should except with the 2008 server. The agent can't communicate with the Power Manager and there is this error in the event viewer:

The HP Power Manager Remote Agent 4.0 service is marked as an interactive service. However, the system is configured to not allow interactive services. This service may not function properly.

2008 Server is not listed as supported for Power Manger but there must be an solution to this, I mean 2008 server have been on the market for a while now. Please help!