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HP ProLiant MicroServer & hp-health

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HP ProLiant MicroServer & hp-health

Hi all,
i have a HP ProLiant MicroServer (N40L 2GB) and have installed Debian 6
i'm tryng to install hp-health from the hp repository i have installed following the page:


during the installation process (sudo apt-get install hp-health) i get "ERROR: This Server is Not Supported!" and "ERROR: No Supported Management controller found"


how can i get it installed and working?

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Re: HP ProLiant MicroServer & hp-health

Based on the fact that neither of the fully-supported operating systems (RHEL5 and certain Windows Server 2008 versions) list the hp-health or equivalent packages on the download page for the N40L MicroServer, I think the MicroServer simply does not have any monitoring hardware that would be compatible with the hp-health package.


Even though it shares the ProLiant name with the more capable ProLiant BL, DL and ML models, you should not assume it has the same management and monitoring features, as the hardware is obviously very different.


I guess the role of the MicroServer for HP is to find out if there is a market for a server that is smaller/cheaper/even more basic than the current ProLiant DL/ML 1xx range.

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Re: HP ProLiant MicroServer & hp-health

thanks, i was afraid of
there i s at least one way to detect temeratures?