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HP ProLiant MicroServer with embedded AMD SATA Controller


HP ProLiant MicroServer with embedded AMD SATA Controller

Hello everyone.

We have a HP ProLiant MicroServer (PID: 664447-425) configured with a RAID 10 (1+0) Array (4 disks). It has the CentOS installed and we've been experiencing frequent freezes and a slow performance lately. When we checked the CentOS log files, we discovered the following:

ata2.00: status: { DRDY ERR }

ata2.00: error: { UNC }

ata2.00: failed command: READ FPDMA QUEUED

We searched the Internet about these errors and most of the information we found indicated a faulty Hard Drive. However, neither the SMART Status in BIOS nor the RAID 10 Utility is indicating a fault. BIOS says 'SMART Status OK' and the RAID 10 Utility displays the Array as 'Functional'.

To be on the safe side, we replaced the Hard Drive (Non-hotplug) but when we went in the RAID 10 Utility, this Hard Drive was not added automatically to the Array. In fact, the Array changed from 'Functional' to 'Critical' and it was indicating that one of the drives in the Array is missing. The new Hard Drive was listed as a 'Single Drive' and we didn't manage to find a way to add the new Hard Drive to the current Array.

As a result of the above, we would appreciate answers to these questions:

1. Do you think that the error messages provided by CentOS indicate a faulty Hard Drive? Remember that both the BIOS and the RAID Utility are saying that all Hard Drives are healthy.

2. How do you add a new Hard Drive to the Array in the AMD RAID Utility provided with this HP MicroServer? We couldn't find a way to do it. When we went into option 2 (LD View / LD Define Menu) and pressed Ctrl+C (Define LD), it listed the new Hard Drive but it could only be configured as a new Array. There wasn't an option to add it to the current Array.

Your assistance would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.