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HP ProLiant server sizer for VMware ESX Server


HP ProLiant server sizer for VMware ESX Server

Hi all,

I would like to start the journey of sizing approximately 30 HPDL360's to DL380's to a VMWare solution.

Question: what should be the perfmon counters based on the sizer XLS spreadsheet???


Avg CPU Utilization (%)
Peak CPU Utilization (%)
Processor\%Processor Time\_Total

Avg RAM Usage (MB)
Peak RAM Usage (MB)
Memory Available Mbytes then subtract amount of RAM.

Avg Disk Throughput (IOPS)
Peak Disk Throughput (IOPS)
PhysicalDisk\Disk Bytes/sec\_Total

Avg Network Throughput (MBps)
Peak Network Throughput (MBps
Network Interface\Bytes Total/sec

How does one calculation IOPS / MBps?

Thanks to all who read/reply.
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Re: HP ProLiant server sizer for VMware ESX Server

The CPU and RAM performane settings above are also what I use but for IOP and Network I use the below:-

Average and peak Disk Thoughput add Disk Transfer/Sec uses these figures for IOPS

Average and Peak Network add bytes total/sec
Use the figures then divide by 1024 then divide by 1024 again. i.e. bytes_total per sec average / 1024 /1024 = average MBPS

Hope this helps.