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HP Proliant ML370 G2 HDD Full problem

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Chong Long
New Member

HP Proliant ML370 G2 HDD Full problem

Hi There,
I got one ML370 G2 which the hard drives is almost full. its was a 18.2GB HDDx2 running mirror raid. I search partsurfer for a larger hard drive but won't found any. Contacted local HP support & they told me all the hard drive upgrade for this server was discontinued. HP needs to sent their engineer down to 'See' if anything can be done but I need to pay them first before their visit.
So anyone got this type of server? which hard drive upgrade do you use? any HDD part no.?
for your reference my ML370 G2 model is 235439-371.
Thanks a lot.
Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Proliant ML370 G2 HDD Full problem

Something sounds real fishy about that.

You should be able to replace those drives with 36GB drives, 72's and even 146's and 300's.

ALl the existing 146 and 300GB drive offerings from HP should be compatible. Even though they are U320, they will operate at the lower speed that your server is probbaly running at.

I don;t have the specs in front of me at the moment, but when I do, Iwill post them.

The question I need to ask is...

What is th OS running on the server?

Steven Clementi
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Chong Long
New Member

Re: HP Proliant ML370 G2 HDD Full problem

Sorry, forgot to mention that OS is Windows 2000 server.

Yeah, I did google about 36.4GB or 72.8GB but HP support not sure whether if it can fits or running in my server. They still advising to 'See' my server...

Trusted Contributor

Re: HP Proliant ML370 G2 HDD Full problem

If this is the ML370 G2, you should be able to support Ultra2, Ultra3 and U320 drives and as was mentioned there are 36, 72, 146 and 300GB sizes available with 10K or 15K rpm. If you wanted the specific part numbers listed with this model of server, the QuickSpecs document (see link below) lists Ultra3 Hot Plug drives in 18.2, 36.4 and 72.8 GB capacities.

If you have difficulty finding the part, you can check with Chestnut Micro ( as they have a pretty good selection of bulk, new and refurb equipment and their service has been consistently good.

Chong Long
New Member

Re: HP Proliant ML370 G2 HDD Full problem

I use the part no. in quickspec you provided & call local HP supplies, amazingly they do have it for the 72GB in stock. so supprise that now they told me that the 72GB hard drive will fits in my ML370 G2 server. After all the hassle why didn't they told me at the first place.
Scott,Thanks for helping me out. Now I waiting my hard drive to arrive.