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HP Proliant ML370 G3 - Long Beeps (not in troubleshooting guide)

Daniel Duffield
New Member

HP Proliant ML370 G3 - Long Beeps (not in troubleshooting guide)

What luck I would have buying this server for $200 half a year ago, replaced the failed RAID controller with an SA6402, got a second CPU, and everything is fine until last night.

At 2 AM this morning, I woke up to long beeps that never stopped. Nothing responded, screen remained black (orange light on monitor). The 'internal' light was red. When the power button was pressed, it immediately died. Turning it back on resulted in the same noise (nothing on screen). I shut it off and went to bed.

This morning, when turning it on, it did the same again. Red internal light, beeps. So I turned it off again, pulled its power for 30 seconds, and it works, but only temporary. The system crashes again in a couple hours. I took off the side and plastic air-guide thing and started looking around for insects or anything out of line. Nothing.

I attempted to try processor 0 only (pulling p1 AND vr1), no go, swapped vrs, nope. swapped CPUs, nope. put all cpus and VRs back in: still fail.

Tried removing the SA6402, nope. Flipped the configuration lock dip switch on SW1 into the off position, nada.

Then I notice a whole line of orange/amber LEDs lit on the left side of the RAM slots. I then think "Hmmm, maybe it's RAM." So I removed all RAM (4 sticks, 6 slots), same beeping, but after randomly adding two back into pair 0's slots it works! I try the other two in pair 1's slots and it also works.

What the heck is going on?

What is the loooooong beeps that never stop?

Is my RAM bad, mobo bad (plz oh plz oh plz no), or did moving/reseating the RAM possibly correct a dirty connection on one or more?

I have since set the memory protection to online spare (to try and prevent the OS from crashing, i guess if it does that means the mobo could be bad).

The latest modification by months performed on the system (which was yesterday, before this issue this morning) was flashing iLO from 1.4x to 1.9x, which was successful.

I greatly appreciate your replies to my issue.
Alan Eubanks
New Member

Re: HP Proliant ML370 G3 - Long Beeps (not in troubleshooting guide)

This just happen to me this morning after performing a reboot. Any info would be great